How to stand out in a CROWDED market!

When ambition burns outTravel Management is a crowded place to play. You and your colleagues are being bombarded on a daily basis by people who promise to make everything quicker, cheaper and better.

We can’t all be right — and in an industry with so little differential – how can you really tell before it’s too late?

Before we tell you our secret how we support our clients, we want to ask you some questions!

o   How do you balance the quality of your program and employee well-being with the necessity to commoditize cost at all times?

o   In a mature program such as yours, how do you find these additional saving without affecting the very people who use the product daily?

o   In an industry shrouded in mystery… how transparent IS transparent??

As always the best ideas are the simplest, At ALTOUR, we have no gimmicks. We make no false promises. We have no hidden agenda. Our plan is simple.

Our commitment to our clients is simple, too.  We link our success to your goals.  We openly share our own objectives and targets.  The better we make your program, the better it is for us!

  • We listen to you.  We question you.  Then we share with you where we think we can help.  Our approach is so complete, we have only found 3 companies in the past 18 months where we couldn’t add value.


C Consulting on a wider scale.  Recognizing the impact travel has on your return on investment.
R Reviewing your success by communicating and future-proofing your program.
O Objective Led Management – if we can’t measure it, we can’t manage it!
W Waste Elimination.  Using ALTOUR’s “Power of One Percent,” our clients typically achieve real time savings of 8-12%…guaranteed!
D Diagnostic Surveys.  We benchmark how your process compares to your peer group.  We help you achieve a “best in class” approach to managing your program!
E Educating our team and your stakeholders, to determine the best opportunities for savings within your program.
D Delivering partnership success – however that looks to you!

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