One percent. That’s all it took

A businessman, standing while holding a briefcase, looks up at an arrow on a wall with percentage sign on it indicating that interest rates are rising.

The Olympics were two years away and the British cycling team was looking for a way to gain maximum advantage.

Enter Dave Brailsford.  His aim was simple – to improve the performance of the UK cyclists by just one percent in each key area of their training.  It was his theory that an improvement that small – in every single area – could lead to dramatic results.  And it did!

Within a few years, Britain not only had its first Tour de France winner, they also won over a third of the gold medals at the 2016 Olympics!

At ALTOUR, we take a similar approach.  We have created a proprietary solution that focuses on over seventy touch points of your travel program, by making several small changes that lead to huge results!

If you are currently under a managed program, you are probably already seeing some results, whether or not you feel that your TMC is doing a good job.  Most TMC’s are able to achieve certain savings…but they miss most of the waste.

The key is to uncover untapped savings and benefits, while enhancing the product your travelers and arrangers experience.

We expect you to achieve measureable savings of at least ten percent.  We are so certain we can deliver, that we write that promise into our contracts!

And we don’t stop there.  We would love to engage in conversation about our Travel Diagnostic tool which focuses on the key strength and opportunities within your travel program, while benchmarking your processes against your peers.

Talk to us.  Let’s discover which small improvements can be made in your program – improvements that will lead to dramatic results!

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