Reduce flight cancellation costs – and ease traveler anxiety!


Flight disruptions are bad for business.  They cost your company thousands, or even millions, of dollars in replacement tickets, hotels and taxis.  You incur the extra expense — and get to deal with unhappy travelers! The impact to your company’s bottom-line is even larger when you factor in the cost of cancelled meetings, wasted time, and unproductive employees.
ALTOUR can now change all that.  We are offering a new tool to reduce costs for your company, keep you in control of policy, and allow employees to skip the line and rebook their cancelled flight in less than 30 seconds — on ANY airline, for FREE, with only THREE TAPS on their smartphone — all within your existing policy.

This first-of-its-kind tool is now available to all ALTOUR clients.  As a bonus, it also covers 4+ hour flight delays and missed connections.  Best of all, it is a turnkey solution for you that requires no set-up and is fully integrated with all ALTOUR reporting and Duty of Care tracking.

Contact us now to learn more, see a demo, get pricing — and start saving.

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