Useful Tips For You To Travel Cheaper

Altour RoundAnything that is cheaper and easier does not come easy. You have to let go of few things and you should be prepared to adjust. You cannot behave like a spoilt brat and hope to save money while travelling. So, here are the few tips to travel cheaper and save few bucks.

  • Cut back on travel fares: Supposedly you are planning a trip from Los Angeles to Brisbane, Australia, you only spend on travel fares for to and fro, do not spend it for internal travel. Walk and hike much as you can. You can also ask for the life while on roads. For the motivation, take your travel enthusiast friends, who like to walk and travel.

  • Carry light-weight: Travel light Take 2-3 jeans and as many tee-shirts and tops as you can. Also, keep yoga pants 1-2 jackets in-case you have to face winter. Make sure to have enough water, food packets and toiletries. However, carry a shoulder bag that has your necessary documents and money. This will help you walk everywhere.

  • Stay with natives: Do not spend of costly hotels. Stay with natives or a lodge which doesn’t cost you much. There is an option of house swapping as well university rooms which will be available during the vacation period. They will let you stay for minimal cost or most probably free. Also, you will get to develop contacts and socialize.

  • Survive on street food: Do not opt for restaurants while you are travelling. Besides street food is tastier and you will get to try some of the best native food which you won’t in costly restaurants. Also, pack some food for the later time.

  • Cut back on drinks: While you travel, do not drink until and unless someone is buying you one. Cut back on the drinks and stay sober. That does not mean you do not have to kill the mood. Once in a while wine or beer is okay, but make sure it’s just once or twice in your whole trip.

The Altour travel is a New York travel agent that will assist you with all your travel needs. From start to finish, all your necessities and requirements will be taken care of. We have our head branch in Los Angeles which will assist you with business travel, leisure travel, entertainment travel, etc.


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