Just Got Back – Palm Springs

Palm Springs

Andrea Welker – Entertainment Travel Specialist

Email / Telephone Number

Andrea.Welker@altour.com 661-347-1168

Where did you Just Get Back from?

Palm Springs

Where did you stay?

Two Bunch Palms

When were you in Palm Springs?

September 2017

Provide a 1-3 liner highlighting your experience!

Two Bunch Palms is a desert Oasis. This spa resort is the perfect weekend getaway for couples or friends. The spa is great and the mud baths are truly not for the faint of heart. Soak in one of the many mineral baths and RELAX!

Words to describe what you felt when you first arrived:


With whom would you recommend staying at this hotel/resort?

Couples or Friends

Tempt us: Name the most special place you discovered on this trip

We never left the resort the entire weekend, but the spa is a must!

What’s the best time of year to go in your opinion?

October- March if you want the best weather, but the prices drop in the summer due to the heat.

Anything else to add?

Be sure to get a ‘desert room.’ These rooms are a bit further away from all the action. There is a resort fee per night, but it include classes throughout the day such as Yoga or Vino and Van Gogh.

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