Just Got Back – Maine


Erica Neher – Leisure Staff

Email / Telephone Number

Erica.neher@altour.com / 516 714 0857

Where did you Just Get Back from?

Cape Neddick, Maine

When were you there?

October 2016

Provide a 1-3 liner highlighting your experience!

I was really impressed with Maine’s landscapes, history and food. Even though New York City is not too far away, the culture is entirely different.

Words to describe what you felt when you first arrived:

Flying into the Portland, Maine airport was surreal. Even though the flight from NYC was only about an hour, it seemed as though I was landing on the Irish coast. The drive up the east coast arriving at the Cliff House was absolutely stunning.

Where did you stay?

The Cliff House

With whom would you recommend staying at this resort?

The vast spaces the resort offers for meetings and events is the perfect place for a business retreat and beautiful weddings. The range of activities throughout the hotel and the pool overlooking the ocean is perfect for families.

Tempt us: Name the most special place you discovered on this trip.

Jackie Too’s was a fantastic waterfront restaurant we discovered while walking around town. The scenery around the entire town seemed like it was out of a postcard. Overall though, Maine was the place that stole my heart. The people and the way of life are so thoughtful and genuine that I came back home with a different perspective. The Cliff House really embraced that Maine mentality by sourcing everything locally and taking great care of the guests.

What’s the best time of year to go in your opinion?

The Cliff House is able to create memorable experiences year round. Whether it be surfing and hitting up Nubb’s Lobster Shack in the summer, going for a hike during the fall foliage or snow-shoe stargazing in the dead of winter, the resort’s natural surroundings and welcoming décor make it a perfect destination year round. Though it is typically more popular during the summer time, I was there during the winter months and really had a great experience.

Anything else to add?

The Cliff House uses local ingredients in all spa products, which combined with the excellent treatment, make it one of the best I have experienced thus far.

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