Know the ingredients of Altour’s Strategic Meeting Management?


Strategic Meetings Management in simple terms is program that will help your company organize various Business meetings and events. Strategic meetings comprise of many minute details that are being overlooked by us. We, The Altour will help you take care of that minute details and other unimportant tasks so that you can accomplish your meeting successfully.

Our services of strategic meetings management include the following:
Venue Sourcing

  • Budget Management
  • Event Websites
  • Social Media Integrations
  • Online Registration
  • Fee Collection
  • Housing and Travel Management
  • Air integration
  • Custom Reports
  • Dashboard Reports
  • Contact Member Management
  • Mobile Apps

Data and Reporting

  • Custom Data reports for Procurement
  • Dashboards for Executive Review
  • Target cost-savings and avoidance
  • Housing Management
  • Travel Management/integrated with Housing Management
  • Full conference reporting, from breakout sessions to attendance to waitlists, to name badges, we provide whatever you need
  • Quarterly and year end reports
  • Story overviews
  • Real-time reporting links

Technology and Mobility Solutions

  • Budget Management
  • Event websites
  • Social Media Integrations
  • Online registration
  • Custom Reporting
  • Badges and Barcodes
  • Email Campaigns
  • API integration
  • KBUG

Give us a chance to be part of your team and we promise to never let you down.

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