15 Benefits you will receive if you are associated with Altour

The Altour international is one of the largest independently owned travel management companies in the USA. Founded in 1991, situates in NY, USA, Altour has approximately 5K employees with 50+ offices worldwide. One of the highlighted and interesting features of Altour is Incentive travel awards.

Why are Altour’s incentive awards best? Well, the reasons are as follows:

1. Destinations that amaze
2. Experiential itineraries
3. Average employee experience level 13+ years
4. A Sourcing Team who know the destinations
5. Dedicated Account Team
6. Incentive campaigns that recognize and reward
7. Budget Management
8. Merchandise & Custom Room Gifts
9. Experienced On-site staff
10. Custom built web registration sites
11. Gifts that are tailored to the event
12. Custom logo apparel
13. On-site experiences with merchandise fittings
14. The latest technology awards
15. Destination gifts from local artisans

We have a team, that will provide you with various ideas for awards and we are also open to suggestions from you.

Thus, ALTOUR is ranked among the largest travel agencies in the UK by Buying Business Travel. The Los Angeles Business Journal ranks ALTOUR as the #1 travel agency in Los Angeles County. Consistently named to the “CMI 25” listing, Altour is one of the largest and most influential meetings management companies by MeetingsNet.

If you are in need of luxury or comfort, associate with Altour and be amazed at what we have to offer you.


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