Just Got Back: New Zealand






Mark Dorenfast, Corporate & Leisure Travel Agent

 Where did you Just Get Back from? The North Island of New Zealand

 When were you in New Zealand? November 2016

Provide a 1-3 liner highlighting your experience:The North Island of New Zealand greatly exceeded my (already inflated) expectations. It was more beautiful than I could have imagined with more activities and places to see than time would allow for.

I felt so welcomed everywhere I went that each place was like visiting close family.

Words to describe what you felt when you first arrived: After a 12 hour flight, I wanted to hit the ground running and go Go GO! As soon as I settled in for a morning coffee and fresh croissant overlooking the sunny, turquoise waters on Waiheke Island, that urgency all went away, and I immediately began to relax.

Where did you stay? I was constantly on the move and spent nights in Waiheke, Auckland, Tauranga, Rotorua, and Taupo.

Each accommodation was completely unique and totally immersed in its surroundings.

Delamore Lodge is inviting and chic, sitting on a bluff overlooking the ocean and neighboring vineyards.

The Sofitel Auckland is great for the sophisticated traveler in an amazing location in the Marina surrounded by fantastic dining options.

At Wildwood Lodge, you’ll fall as much in love with the natural wonders of Rotorua as you will with Cath and Simon, the owners.

The rooms at Solitaire Lodge have gorgeous views of the lake where you can boat, fish, kayak, and hike.

You can get lost in the woods for hours at Treetops (as I did) running into deer and goats before enjoying an exquisite dining experience.

Acacia Cliffs nestled above the enormous Lake Taupo is the perfect place to base yourself for days of water activities and heli-hiking.

With whom would you recommend staying at this hotel/resort? This type of trip would be wonderful for honeymooners, couples on a long holiday, and small groups of family or friends.  Many of the accommodations are very small (4-7 rooms) and not appropriate for young children unless renting the entire property.

Tempt us, Name the most special place you discovered on this trip: I spent just over 24 hours on Waiheke Island, but I could have stayed all summer. There is a brand new winery and restaurant, Tantalus, that is just gorgeous.  Onetangi Beach is an excellent spot for an afternoon picnic and swim, or simply a place to be inspired by the beauty of nature.

What’s the best time of year to go in your opinion? Summer is obviously the most popular time to travel, but the period between seasons has great weather and significantly smaller crowds (October-November and May-June). Remember, US Winter is New Zealand Summer.

Anything else to add? The great part of planning a trip with this much movement and activity is working with expertise of the team at Exclusive Travel Group. Based in New Zealand, they have their finger on the pulse of the best places to stay and what’s most worth your time to see. They configured a seamless itinerary based around my interests and made this visit to the North Island a trip of a lifetime.

If you’re interested in traveling to New Zealand, contact Mark at Mark.Dorenfast@altour.com or (310)571-6077

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Call Altour Travel Agent for Meeting & Conferences


When you are traveling for meetings, you do require the travels which are leisurely and comfortable. You already have to prepare for meetings and conferences, and on that, you have to worry about facilities and services.

On that, if you are Host Company, then god forbid, you have to take care of every single detail. Plus, you are supposed to arrange everything from invites to arrange for travel to taking care of guests and sending them back. Also, you have currency problem, as in you don’t have enough cash to pay even if you are to pay from company’s account.


No worries. Altour Travels specializes in Corporate Travel Incentives. We provide various meeting and incentives services that will ease all your worries and tension. We understand it is very necessary for you to maintain class and decorum to have a good reputation and high market value.

Thus, we have following services for you:

  • Full-Service Meeting /Event Management: We not only arrange for hotel rooms and services we also provide budget management, creative marketing, awards, etc.
  • Meeting Technology: The various services provided by Altour are Email marketing campaign, Apps, Social media registration, Fee collection, etc.
  • Group Air Travel: We provide group travel for agents and registers. We also assist in arrival/departure list and round the clock support.
  • On-Site Management: Our staff is fully trained for On-Site management with uniform and detailed operation outline.
  • Entertainment & Speakers:
  • Suggest, negotiate, contract
  • Ryder management and negotiation
  • Experience staff for on-site management of contract requirements
  • Marketing & Creative: Our marketing and creative services include branding, video, and photography, copywriting, graphic design, etc.

The problem of currency exchange, The Altour understands your problem of poor exchange rates and cash flow. Thus, we provide Currency Exchange Los Angeles and Currency Exchange Minneapolis for fasts services with competitive rates. We also provide American Express Gift cards – perfect gift for travel.

Come to The Altour and we promise you won’t be let down and you could proudly represent your company we promise that.

Incentive trip to NOLA planned by ALTOUR Meetings & Incentives




We received a wonderful account of a recent incentive trip to NOLA planned by ALTOUR Meetings Management. It includes a special “thank you” to the team so we just had to share it with you!

We arrived to hurricane cocktails in the private check-in area and kicked off the program with a parade featuring a brass band, stilt walkers & big heads which marched the group to a Welcome Dinner complete with voodoo & a Tarot reader.

Day 2 included a business meeting, time at the spa, a Creole lunch, and an airboat tour complete with alligators of all sizes! We had dinner at the famous Bourbon House, hopped on Mini-Coaches, and landed at Frenchman Street for an evening of jazz at The Maison.

The following days, our group enjoyed a Segway Tour of the French Quarter, a visit to a restored historic home, and a hands-on cooking class that turned into a rather competitive event! How did we fit it all in?

Kudos to everyone on the team! It truly takes a team effort. Thank you all!

15 Benefits you will receive if you are associated with Altour

The Altour international is one of the largest independently owned travel management companies in the USA. Founded in 1991, situates in NY, USA, Altour has approximately 5K employees with 50+ offices worldwide. One of the highlighted and interesting features of Altour is Incentive travel awards.

Why are Altour’s incentive awards best? Well, the reasons are as follows:

1. Destinations that amaze
2. Experiential itineraries
3. Average employee experience level 13+ years
4. A Sourcing Team who know the destinations
5. Dedicated Account Team
6. Incentive campaigns that recognize and reward
7. Budget Management
8. Merchandise & Custom Room Gifts
9. Experienced On-site staff
10. Custom built web registration sites
11. Gifts that are tailored to the event
12. Custom logo apparel
13. On-site experiences with merchandise fittings
14. The latest technology awards
15. Destination gifts from local artisans

We have a team, that will provide you with various ideas for awards and we are also open to suggestions from you.

Thus, ALTOUR is ranked among the largest travel agencies in the UK by Buying Business Travel. The Los Angeles Business Journal ranks ALTOUR as the #1 travel agency in Los Angeles County. Consistently named to the “CMI 25” listing, Altour is one of the largest and most influential meetings management companies by MeetingsNet.

If you are in need of luxury or comfort, associate with Altour and be amazed at what we have to offer you.