Just Got Back: Costa Rica


Jackie Kos, Manager, Altour

Where did you Just Get Back from? Costa Rica

When were you on the cruise ship? May 2016

Words to describe what you felt when you first arrived: When I first arrived in Costa Rica, and for the majority of the time thereafter I was simply astonished by the beautiful wilderness and diverse wildlife that surrounded me.

Where did you stay?

  • San Jose – Real Intercontinental – Great for an overnight to rest! Really beautiful.
  • Arenal Kiora Hotel – 5 Star hotel facing the volcano. One of the nicest places I have ever stayed, and a must-see if you are going to Costa Rica.
  • El Establo Hotel (Monteverde) – The nicest hotel in Monteverde… it’s like a great park lodge. Perfect for all, with an unbeatable view!
  • The Mangroove (Guanacaste) – Perfect location and 5 star service. Simply amazing.

With whom would you recommend staying on this cruise? All are perfect for families, but I think the Mangroove seemed better for adults.

Tempt us- Name the most special place you discovered on this trip:  Nature was my best discovery. Using a great vendor like Albee Adventures was the key.  Albee picked the perfect guide for us.  He was amazing and adapted well to an all woman group, which was a first for him.  His passion for the excursions and the country was contagious and we all left this country so happy!

What’s the best time of year to go in your opinion? Fall through Spring. Summer can be a little too rainy.

If you’re interested in traveling to Costa Rica, contact Jackie at jackie.kos@altour.com.



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